Contrary to most people's beliefs, DV Radio makes NO profit WHATSOEVER as of the writing of this page. (It's about 0713.. in the morning for those that can't tell time on a 24-hour time.) The only way we can subsidize that is by offering products, of the highest quality possible, with unique (and hopefully) interesting designs.

There's many ways to help us out at DV Radio and one of them is through this store. All money goes back into DV Radio (equipment, more merchandise, software, music, website, so many things we can't list or you'll be here for a minute) and no one (again, as of this writing) is compensated in ANY WAY from ANY of the monies that gets to DV Radio. Whether it's donations, sponsors, or the occasional "hand-me-downs" in equipment, all of our monetary "gains" goes back into this amazing station.


We're Veteran owned and Operated. We're hoping to start a few shows with first-responders soon as well as a few other shows are in planning, but it costs us to create the material you listen to and see for free. So, if you have a spare dollar or want to get someone a gift -- please, consider buying one of our items. Maybe it's a t-shirt or maybe it's something we've added in the future (If you're reading this in 2084, who's President of the United States of America?) it's all probably still going back directly into the operations of DV Radio.




Oh yeah, all of our t-shirts have the "DV Radio Mic" logo on the front-left, just near/over the heart. (The "front graphic only" t-shirts do NOT have the "DV Radio Mic" logo as there is ONLY the graphic displayed in the images on the shirts.) If you were wondering about the front. Unless you see a product that has a front with something different, who knows? We're professionals at being dysfunctional so, anything is possible.