Our standard fulfillment estimate of 7-14 business days is currently closer to 15-25 days. Some merchandise may take longer depending on the number of customers' demand.

Here are the estimates we are currently looking at: [All estimates include backup.]

United States

  • T-shirts: 18-23 business days
  • Mugs: 2-5 business days
  • T-shirts: 2-7 business days
  • Mugs: 2-5 business days


"How long will it take my order to arrive?"

As we're currently only shipping throughout the United States, not that long actually. But please do allow 2-7 business days for order fulfillment. Some products may take up to two weeks to arrive at your shipping address.


"Why are your prices the way they are?"

Firstly, these are some of the highest quality items. Secondly, adding color to a t-shirt adds price to us. Without going overboard, we try our best to give you the LOWEST price as possible while still making a couple of dollars to put back into DV Radio.


"Can I order outside of the United States?"

YES!! We understand we have listeners, supporters, and followers around the world! From Active Duty Service Members to Veterans, Caregivers, and civilians that support the Armed Forces. As of March 2020, you are able to purchase from DV Radio's Store!!

"You don't have much to choose from, where's the multitude of mugs, stickers, everything else I've been asking for?!"

Well, aren't you a bag of fun-joy unicorn farts and rainbows? You see, in order for you to buy merchandise, we have to have money. All of the products you see... Someone is paying for those out of their own pockets until a profit is made enough for DV Radio to start taking over the costs. Until then, just hold your chicken strip and chicken nuggets and we'll have some more products soon. Okay?


"I'm being charged $XYZ for a t-shirt to ship?! WHY?! And why is it an additional charge for each item??"

Okay, let's break this down for ya; People ship products to you from somewhere else. That's called a job. That person gets paid based on what you pay them to do their job. In order for them to be paid, the company you bought your product from has to pay them their asking fee(s) which we incur and not you in most instances. We're shipping around the entire country so we have to set it at a reasonable price for everyone. Why the extra charge for extra items? You can't send one five ounce letter and a five pound package for the same price, can you? That's how shipping works. That's why shipping prices are how they are here. We're sorry, but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. There's some places that charge $10 base price for one t-shirt.... we literally are cutting that in half and not even going full price per extra item. So, you're getting quite a deal.


If we didn't answer something here, contact us. Ask us whatever is on your mind. We use a lot of sarcasm and humor. Please take all of what we said with a grain of salt and tequila (if that's your drink of choice).